Sales Competition Isn’t About the Reward, It’s About the Experience

Today, many organizations still believe that money is the only motivation. One would think that a higher compensation would produce better results, but research shows the link between motivation, compensation, and performance is much more complex than most organizations realize. Money is often correlated with the idea of status and power — but often, people are motivated more by the power than the actual money.

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Keeping employees motivated is one of the most important things leadership and management can do for their business. Motivated employees not only contribute more to the company through better day-to-day performance, but they also bring a new level of inspiration to the team through a positive and innovative attitude that can inspire others to follow suit. 

It’s no secret that the sales industry is competitive. Oftentimes, sales leaders put together contests in an effort to boost engagement, but they tend to get a short-lived spike in energy that fizzles out fast. Let’s take a look at how sales leaders can use sales gamification and coaching to deliver an engaging experience that lasts. 


Learn what your reps value

Finding things that keep your reps motivated and accountable can be difficult — especially for leaders who watch their reps grow over the course of their career — but it is well worth the effort. Focusing on what keeps them motivated in the long term creates a culture of engagement.

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