Momentum Monday – Everyone and Everything Is High

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

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Happy Monday.

The stock markets are closed today, but not the crypto markets.

As always, Ivanhoff and I did our weekly Momentum Monday. For the first time in a long time, we had a guest. Brian Lund joined us and shared some great insights and ideas. Brian writes one of my favorite weekly market letters called ‘The Lund Loop‘.

Here is this week’s episode. I also have clipped it below in the blog:

Everything I like has been working. Two new ideas I shared are $EBAY and Goldmam’s Sack ($GS) which seem to be setting up for big runs right at all-time highs.

Some more momentum thoughts…

Here is the weekly Stocktwits 25…where I start my momentum work each week. It is free if you sign up.

We now do a Stocktwits 25 for India as well.

This week we just saw the most the most amount of new 52-week highs in the history of the Nasdaq. The most ever.

The $VIX is under 20 and at the lowest levels since before the COVID lockdown. Do not shoot the messenger.


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