Terror attacks

 This is Joseph. Spoilers for the Expanse below. 

There was a good article on the Expanse from LGM:

Rather, the impression formed is that the show’s writers wanted to write a post-apocalypse, and they wanted to write 9/11, and never stopped to consider that these two stories don’t mesh together very well. And conversely, the extent of the devastation on Earth makes a lot of the handwringing about the proportionality of Earth’s response seem baffling—this isn’t an isolated terrorist attack; it’s an act of genocide. Given that most of Belt’s military factions fall in behind Inaros, it’s hard to argue with the belief of hardliners in the Earth government that they are at war with the Belt, and that the rules of engagement should reflect that.

This is a very good point and it gets at the tonal dissonance of the last few episodes of the season. The question of whether Earth is over-reacting seems a lot more nuanced than the show would lead you to believe. First, the attack on Earth was mostly stopped (only 3 of 9 rocks hit) and the consequences are a planetary level catastrophe. This is a potentially an extinction level event for Earth. 

Second, we later see the stations that are supposedly civilian launching attacks on Earth ships and the Belter government having absolutely no interest in finding the criminals who did the attack.  

I think that this take is a good one and one of the few places that the season mis-steps. (Read more...)