Sentiment Sunday – Crypto in 2021…The Era of Physical and Digital Sentiments

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

This current market is not something I have ever seen before.

It is 1999 mixed with interest rates at zero and a global internet with thousands of profitable and insanely fast growing businesses. And….the blockchain.

The pandemic has been an awful crisis for so many but also set off a boom in the creator economy and the corporation of one…look no further than TikTok influencers, Shopify and OnlyFans.

In many ways we now have TWO markets with animal spirits in full force at the same time – the global stock markets and the crypto markets.

Forget Tesla have you seen or heard of the blockchain called ‘Graph ($GRT.X)

The Graph took seed $2.5 million in seed money from my friends at Multicoin Capital (I am a limited partner in their crypto fund) in January 2019 and now has a market cap of $2.7 billion.

There has been no time for investors like me to even get excited about what that means financially. No fear, no greed, just WTF!

Like you, I will be reading up on it for the first time this weekend here and here.

This is NOT November 2017 all over again in crypto where I would participate and joke about how this would end badly for tokens and crypto …which it did (Augur now is back above November 2017 prices once again).

Today, there is enough money over on the digital side that will never come back to US dollars and Euros’s or Yen’s. You MUST (Read more...)