Learning to Say the Quiet Stuff Out Loud


My all-time favorite saying is from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, who noted that until the tide comes in, you don’t know who’s been swimming naked.

Think about that concept. Swimming Naked. Metaphorically and in practical terms. Pretty much from the beginning of Trump, and the nakedness it exposed.

So, too, there is the nakedness of the tide that 2020 exposed, and the damage it wrought.

God willing, we will tell our grandchildren that 2020 was one for the ages, not soon to be seen again.

Having lived through my share of societal firestorms (Watergate, Staglation, S&L Crisis, Dot Com Bubble, 2008 Recession, COVID-19, Trump), the tangibility of the tide coming in is no metaphor. It’s real.

I’d be lying if I didn’t allow myself the sense of dying a thousand deaths (see Bardo Experience in Buddhism), emanating from the shock, disappointment, sadness and anger, with our astonishingly bad COVID response as self-fulfilling.

So many exposed, so many different ways, as having been blithely swimming naked.

The disdain of science. The moral and institutional corruption that underlies it.

Case in point, you can draw a straight line from:

  1. Climate Change denial to COVID denial; and the lying & abandonment of ownership of soundly managing either crisis.
  2. The lying, cheating and corrupt operator that has ALWAYS been Trump (he has a 50 year public history, after all).
  3. The racist, whose family was sued for discrimination, who famously called for the execution of (Read more...)