It’s Time to Kill Shadow IT

It’s the most important step to improve relations between business teams & IT

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time working inside or around the enterprise, you’re no doubt aware of the acrimony that defines the relationship between business teams and IT. To put it bluntly, business teams hate IT, and IT hates business teams. 

While hate may be a strong word, the acrimony is undeniable. It’s also understandable; a product of competing priorities. Business teams want to optimize for speed and flexibility, and in turn desire solutions that provide them those abilities. IT, on the other hand, seeks standardization, maintainability and security.

These interests are often diametrically opposed to each other; in fact, they sometimes actively inhibit each other. And when they do, the working relationship between business teams and IT begins to resemble that of opposing political parties — collaboration only coming in spite of their conflicting agendas.


How the rift began

It’s been like this since the dawn of the cloud in the early 2000s, when business teams, liberated from the demands of on-premise software, were able to begin shopping for their own technology solutions, giving way to an explosion in enterprise app adoption. This gifted business teams much in the way of increased functionality but also had the unintended effect of inundating companies with an immense amount of SaaS. The average enterprise today reports using around 1,295 separate SaaS apps or services

For enterprises, this inundation has had several deleterious effects. For (Read more...)