Crunchbase And Angular: Why We Made The Transition

This post is by Jaclyn Robinson from Blog – Crunchbase

In November of 2017, relaunched on a brand-new web platform. We transitioned millions of Crunchbase users to the new site, and we did it with almost zero downtime and no negative impacts to our SEO (in fact, the relaunch yielded some meaningful improvements). The new web platform was built to enable years of growth for our site, our products, and our company, and the technology decisions we made then are just as important today as they were when we started the transition.

Of the many decisions we made in that process, one of the most critical was to build the front end of our new web platform on Angular. We evaluated the landscape of great frameworks at our disposal and landed where we did for a number of important reasons. We still believe the decision we made was the right one, so I want to share a bit about why Angular is a great forward-looking choice for Crunchbase and many other organizations. I also want to share the reasoning so others facing similar decisions can take advantage of our experience and insight.


A bit of Crunchbase history

Prior to 2017, was built on a Ruby on Rails monolithic architecture. This served the site incredibly well in the early years, allowing Crunchbase to grow from just a few thousand users a month to millions of users. 

In 2015, Crunchbase spun off of AOL/Verizon, and embarked as a private company on its own adventure with a core mission (Read more…)