Data Works, And Then It Doesn’t. A Salesperson’s Look At 2021 Planning

Here We Are 2021…

One of the truths in sales is that repetitiveness is the path to oblivion, both for your company and your role as a manager. With the new year here, take time to hit that refresh button and look at your forecast with a critical pair of eyes. Don’t assume anything. Don’t think you control your market or customers. 

Let the data reveal the reality of your surroundings. Make sure your team is ready to execute with you. This is your starting point for 2021.

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Change is the new black

I have found that change is one of the most powerful drivers of product and market awareness along with a focus on what’s most important. Change forces you to sit up and pay attention, learn faster, and act with readiness and precision. Embrace change and make it your best friend. 

In order to keep up with changes in sales, allow for time in your schedule every day to read a few industry publications or business blogs (like the one you’re reading now). It’s also likely you’re already listening to podcasts and regularly skimming through social media. 

Use the time spent in these forums to your advantage by adding sales and business podcasts to your listening queue and key influencers to your social accounts. Additionally, your CRM should offer sophisticated analytics and reporting features to detect early potential pattern changes in your business. This (Read more...)