No Code Is Cool

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

My good friend Justin who ran product forever at Stocktwits has been working on a new company and writing a daily blog once again.

It is excellent. He is writing a lot about product and community so I encourage founders and product people to follow along and reach out because Justin has a wealth of knowledge and happy to share.

His recent post ‘An Ode To No Code‘ is a topic and trend that will really change the trajectory of many lives as companies and products get built. As Justin notes:

One of the tech trends that excite me the most is No Code platforms, which allow those with little to no programming expertise to build applications.

Perhaps the best example of a No Code platform is Shopify ($SHOP) – which has enabled entrepreneurs to quickly set up digital storefronts and spurred a boom in DTC retail commerce.

Have a read and have a great day.