Clubhouse: Most Interesting Consumer Startups of 2021 (Part 1)

This post is by Elad Gil from Elad Blog

This post is the first in a small series on the new wave of hyperinteresting consumer tech products that are most likely to have had society-level impact in 5 years. My first two posts are on Clubhouse and Substack [1]. Both are social network and media platforms of different types, and both have an opportunity to displace multiple existing services including Twitter. This post will cover why I think Clubhouse is the first new interesting social platform in a decade. The post on Substack focuses on the creation of journalist-entrepreneurs[2] and the transition of the media world (at least in part) back to subscriptions.

Clubhouse: the voice platform and social network

Clubhouse is the first new interesting social network in almost a decade. While TikTok has reached massive scale, it lacks the potential for societal transformation. 

Clubhouse has interesting organic behavior emerging on it that suggests multiple paths forward. Whether it capitalizes on these or not comes down to vision and execution. Twitter missed capturing a lot of its organic behavior (for example small business CRM use cases, long form content, messaging via DMs etc.) so it is not a done deal for Clubhouse yet either. Execution & product vision matter to the eventual impact had.

Clubhouse uses may include:

  • Replacing talk (and other forms?) of radio. This is the dominant current use case. Between relationship talk-rooms to tech discussions, Clubhouse lets any group of users have participatory conversations on any topic. Many users seem to put Clubhouse on in (Read more...)