Three Leadership Principles for 2021

This post is by Joe DiBartolomeo from Georgian

I have spent the past 32 years as an operator, leading revenue teams at software businesses like Oracle, Qlik and Pluralsight. My career has seen some incredible highs and some major lows that I will never forget. In 2018, I was on the floor at NASDAQ ringing the bell as CRO of Pluralsight. I also happen to live just outside New York and was running large businesses after 9/11 and the 2008 market crash.

Why do I share this back story? Simply to level with you. I thought I had seen it all in my career, but I have never seen anything like COVID. If you are an entrepreneur reading this, I just want to say upfront that I feel you, and I commend you for leading your teams through this crisis.

Just before COVID hit, I made my first ever career switch and took on a role in venture capital. After countless years carrying a quota, I joined Georgian, a Toronto-based fintech and innovator in growth-stage investing. My role involves advising CEOs, CROs and sales leaders on their go-to-market strategies, and I have spent the last year collaborating with them as they navigated through 2020. 

At Georgian, we have over 40 active portfolio companies, each with a unique set of go-to-market circumstances. From my seat, I have the benefit of being able to take an objective outsider’s view of each situation. 

As I reflect on the conversations I had last year, three core themes come to (Read more...)