Thomvest Ventures invests in Harness, the DevOps automation leader!

Thomvest Ventures Invests in Harness, the DevOps Automation Leader!

Today, we are thrilled to announce our Series C investment in Harness, a leader in DevOps automation space solving massive pain point of software delivery. The company dramatically simplifies the software delivery process for organizations through its continuous delivery-as-a-service platform. With the new $115 million funding, they have officially joined the elite Unicorn club.

This partnership was years in the making. Soon after Jyoti Bansal, the founder and CEO of Harness, exited AppDynamics in 2017, we met at a coffee shop in Palo Alto to discuss the next step of his journey. As Jyoti laid out his plans, I was immediately impressed by his judgement of the enterprise pain points, his eye for discovering large markets, and his ability to assemble great teams. It’s outstanding meetings like this that make Venture Capital exciting for me.

Since our meeting, Jyoti has done exactly what he told me he would do — incubate startups and run a few himself. Having run a public company myself, I have immense respect for long term company builders and Jyoti is driven by the desire to create long-term value rather than chase quick exits.

With Harness, he has picked a massive problem and continues to flawlessly execute on a big vision. Until now, developers and DevOps teams struggled to efficiently deliver software. While there are some open-source options and a few enterprise tools available, a vast majority of CI/CD pipelines are essentially custom written scripts. These scripted pipelines are difficult to (Read more...)