The Quick Email I Sent to People Who Asked For All the Details

I’m sorry to write so much about losing weight. I promised people I would write a few posts about this and I wanted to cover eating, mental game, measurement, what gear I’ve used, sleep, water consumption / tracking, etc. So I have a few more posts to go and then I promise to stop filling up your screen with posts about me or about weight loss / health gain. I’m linking here to the first post if you haven’t read it already.

A few people having asked me to “fast forward” and give the whole answer more quickly. I have a solution. Over the past few months a few people have asked me, “How did you do it? Will you share your tips?” So I had an email I would send them. It’s not written to be blog worthy, perfect prose or deep with insights. I just wanted to get something out the door so please forgive me if I just publish it as is, unedited.

What you’ll notice below is that there’s no “silver bullet” …. it’s mostly about having a plan, executing against the plan daily, measuring your results and adjusting the plan or execution if your results aren’t showing what you want.

My email ….


1. Only recording & monitoring calories makes any real difference. I log daily on MyFitnessPal. I eat whatever I want but stick to 1,800 “net” calories meaning I can eat more if I exercise. I do better when I restrict gluten but I try (Read more...)