How to Get More Efficient with Time Management Using Time Blocking (Part 1)

The other day, my wife Aja Singer and I were having a conversation about being more intentional with our time, especially when it comes to working. We both have multiple personal and professional projects that we’re involved with, and we felt like were getting sucked into spending time on things that weren’t moving these efforts forward—everything from too many meetings, or just getting sucked into social media rabbit holes.

We looked into the concept of time blocking, which helps people spend less time switching between tasks and helps you get into extended, focused periods of “deep work”.

Most of the beginner articles felt a bit lacking for our purposes. It felt too idealistic to imagine that Tuesday mornings would be “focused project time”. That methodology failed to consider an initial time budget and also lacked the specificity we were looking for. Was that enough product time? Which projects? We sought out a different starting approach to answer these questions.

The first thing we did was to outline a kind of budget—starting with two buckets of time. The first was self-care type stuff: working out, meals, leisure reading, TV, etc. We both decided that we were going to start, as a priority, with the amount of each of those things we wanted to do.

As a caveat, we do not have kids and we’re not commuting, both of which would require lots of time adjustments. We look forward to a future where we have to take those things into (Read more...)