UK appoints entrepreneur Joe White as first Tech Envoy to the United States

This post is by Reid Hoffman from Reid Hoffman

Earlier this year, I was pleased to learn that the UK Government was planning to appoint a Tech Envoy to the U.S. – a dedicated point person who would live in the Bay Area and function as a conduit between our tech industry and the UK. Later, when I learned that Joe White would take on this newly created role, I grew even more excited about the positive impact this new position will have on fostering innovation and entrepreneurism on a local and global scale.

In addition to having 66 million Internet users, the UK is home to its own rapidly growing tech sector, which attracted $13.2 billion in investment capital in 2019 and now employs nearly 3 million people. Increasing cooperation and collaboration between U.S. companies and U.K. ones will create benefits for both countries and the world at large, and Joe is extremely well-suited to manage this cross-cultural effort.

I first met Joe when he was working as a General Partner for Entrepreneur First, a Greylock-backed early stage tech fund which has gone on to raise and run $200 million in capital for start-ups, creating a global portfolio with an aggregate value of more than $2 billion. And I have gotten to know Joe as a friend after he moved to Silicon Valley last year.

Now, in addition to assuming the role of Consul General in San Francisco on behalf of the UK Government, Joe will also serve as Tech Envoy, managing tech and entrepreneur relationships (Read more…)