Six Things I Learned About How to Pivot a Business

This post is by David Siegel from Georgian

This blog post is based on a presentation David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, gave at our annual Scaletech Conference. Scaletech gathers the brightest minds in product and tech to share hard-won secrets on startup growth, product direction and business strategy. Thank you to BMO Innovation Banking Group for being the presenting presenter of Scaletech. For more information on the Scaletech Conference visit

The COVID lockdowns forced most businesses to pivot. Everyone had to rethink how workers work and how to continue providing services when restaurants, storefronts and offices shut their doors. Anything to do with meeting up with other people was impacted the most. Meetup is all about getting together in person.

With over 50 million members in 193 countries and 15,000 events every single day, Meetup has been bringing people together to create thriving communities for close to two decades. This has been an insane year as we sold out of WeWork and of course the pandemic, so I shared what I learned from this experience with other CEOs at Georgian’s Scaletech Conference 2020.

Re-examining Our Mission

Scott Heiferman and the other founders created Meetup from the ashes of 9/11. When Scott went out of his apartment, he saw all these other people hanging around in the lobby. They didn’t know what to do with themselves, they just knew they didn’t want to be by themselves. Scott met all these people in his building he had never met previously, and he said to himself that it shouldn’t take (Read more…)