Helpful Tips and Mental Models for Strengthening Your Company Culture

This post is by Evan Lewis from Georgian

I have heard many experienced CEOs say that core values and culture are the first things they think about when starting a new business. Having worked at a few startups and seen cultural strengths and weaknesses, this comes as no surprise. Strong culture is the bedrock of a successful company, but it is one thing to set the foundation for culture, and quite another to maintain it as you rapidly scale your business. 

Scaling culture is a particularly hot button issue for startup leaders in 2020, as many deal with high growth in a fully remote setting for the first time. To dig deep into this issue, we recently brought together a panel of CEOs from the Georgian CoLab to share their lessons learned on building a lasting company culture. It was an inspiring discussion with leaders that I really admire, so I wanted to share a summary of the quotes and mental models that stuck out to me. 

If you have ever had a hard time nailing down a clear definition of what culture truly is, here is the mental model I sketched out as I was listening to the panel:

I came away with a clear impression that the best cultures come from careful consideration of core values and deliberately operationalizing those values in day-to-day actions. 

Below are some of my key takeaways and favourite quotes from the discussion – I hope you find them helpful!

Culture Develops from Operationalizing Values

Our first panelist was Hanif Joshaghani (Read more…)