What’s next? How not to fail after the fanfare.

This post is by Charlie O’Donnell from This is going to be BIG


There’s a lot of excitement going on this weekend—and while many of my readers are undoubtedly excited about a new President, and our first female Vice-President, undoubtedly even more people are just breathing a sigh of relief. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you had to be routing for a peaceful end to the election season—or even just an end. We spent a lot of money, effort and emotion on it all, and many are celebrating a win.

But what’s next?

We see that in the startup world, too.

Startups spend many months and lots of money prepping for a big-time launch, only to have very little planned around the follow-up.

Very rarely does a launch itself propel a startup to success—and many companies fail to see past that moment in the timeline. The reality is that the launch only begins the work—be it a presidency or a startup.

In fact, if a startup fails to keep up that initial flurry of attention and excitement, it can be even worse than generating little attention at all. The various stakeholders—media, influencers, and investors—who signal the next big thing are constantly on the lookout. They’re also suspicious about potential flashes in the pan. It’s an innate skepticism from seeing so many things not have staying power despite a big initial push—not unlike various political movements.

So, if something hits their radar, but then they don’t hear about it again after the early days—it reinforces the idea that this was (Read more…)