I’ve Got 14 Billion Problems with Politics and This Ain’t One

This post is by Charlie O’Donnell from This is going to be BIG

$14 billion.

That’s how much money was spent across federal and congressional races in 2020 and that’s not even counting local elections.

Is it any wonder people are saying they’re tired of politics?

Just today, I turned on the radio in the car and heard an add bashing a local politician that I know well. It was full of gloom and doom about New York City—a vision of crime and despair that just doesn’t reflect what’s actually happening here on the ground. It was paid for by “Safe Together NY, Inc.”

I was curious who Safe Together actually was, and couldn’t find the names of the people involved very easily. All I found was a Treasurer, Cabell Hobbs, who seems to be putting up a lot of these shadowy groups all around the country, and a mention that a billionaire donor made a $1.7mm donation in order to flip the state senate in a way that doesn’t actually reflect the population base of the state.

I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on—it’s tough to be for blind pools of money buying up radio ads against local candidates without someone’s name attached to them.

You’ve got a problem with politics? Think all candidates are corrupt?

It’s the money, not the politics.

And it’s not just the ad buys.

It’s the business of political news as well. Whether it’s Facebook or Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, YouTube, Twitter or Spotify—there’s a lot of money out there being made keeping us (Read more…)