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I’m very excited to announce the launch of a new company from Interplay’s foundry. Meet Bowery Legal, a provider of legal services for private companies of all sizes and stages.

Bowery helps companies and founders navigate all aspects of their business legal needs, ranging from company formation to venture financings to complex agreements.

Bowery does law different. The company is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It’s tech-enabled, service oriented and built from the ground up, just like its clients.

The company is led by Eric Broad, an ex-Latham / ex-Gunderson venture lawyer.

Despite having big law training, Eric has a soul. He spent several years in Indonesia working at a non-profit that was consulting the Indonesian government on a large scale internet infrastructure development project called “Meaningful Broadband,” aimed at using broadband internet as a tool to improve the quality of life of the poorer populations across the island nation. During that time he regularly worked with entrepreneurs and innovators across the country trying to cultivate various solutions and killer applications to help the project succeed. That’s where he developed a passion for work with founders and startups, which he has continued into his current legal career working alongside growing companies, using his experience and expertise on a daily basis to help his clients succeed.

If you need an intro to the company feel free to reach out to us or visit their website at

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