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– This article was co-authored with my colleagues Varun Purandare and Candice du Fretay and published initially on The 2020 Accel Euroscape was unveiled earlier today at SaaStockEMEA. You’ll also find the video recording of the presentation at the end of this article and the slides are available here. We’d like to thank KeyBank and G2 for providing some of the data used in the report –



It’s an amazing time to be a cloud entrepreneur in Europe. It reminds me of living in Silicon Valley 10 years ago when so many foundational SaaS companies were started. The European cloud ecosystem is growing much faster than anyone could have anticipated: last year, we predicted that it would take another three years for Europe to generate its first decacorn. UiPath broke that milestone this summer, in just nine months, establishing Europe as a major global center for software innovation.


This year, in addition to unveiling the Euroscape, our list of top 100 Cloud companies started in Europe and Israel; and our Champions League, the high-growth unicorns from the region; we’ll also unveil the Accel Euroscape Public Index, the index of the European and Israeli-born public cloud companies, and its performance.


Before jumping into the list, let’s have a quick look at what’s been a very special year in many ways for the cloud ecosystem globally and in Europe. 


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