How Non-Partisan Business Leaders Can Help Fix America

This post is by David from David Teten's blog

10 non-partisan action steps for investors and executives to help fix our broken political process

Almost everyone agrees that the American political system is dysfunctional. You love our country, and you want to do something about it. 

But, becoming politically active can be a challenge, particularly if you’re in a business leadership role. No matter how passionately you feel about your political position, you may be constrained in taking a public stance. You may be worried about blowback, boycotts, and clients concerned you’re not focused on your day job.

The good news is that there are 10 non-partisan ways you can patriotically address some of the country’s most challenging political problems. I’ve broken them into three buckets: A) Voting and census; B) Push media companies to inform Americans accurately; and C) Outreach to your employees and community. 

A) Vote and complete the census.

  1. The most impactful step you can take to help America more accurately reflect our citizens’ (and your company’s) political goals is to increase voting rates. In 2016, an estimated 100 million eligible voters did not cast a vote. Voting in 2020 for many people will take more time than planned, given high turnout, social distancing requirements, and COVID-19 forcing other changes to our electoral processes. See FixtheSystem for a list of ways businesses can encourage and enable voting. 
  2. Encourage employees to volunteer or take a day to serve as poll workers. We have a nationwide shortage, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Register at
  3. Nudge your (Read more…)