Jobs, Wozniak, Cook (Build, Sell, Scale)

This post is by Elad Gil from Elad Blog

Over the life of a startup, 3 archetypes are needed to found, build, and scale a company. It is rare to find someone who is a 10X version of one of these archetypes, so even rarer to find someone who captures 2 or 3 of them. As such, usually these characteristics are divided into 3 or more people who are uniquely good at their core function.

Archtype 1: Ability to Sell. Apple example: Steve Jobs.  

Every startup needs someone who is great at selling. This founder convinces people to join the company, gets the first few customers, and pulls off the impossible partnership or ridiculous fundraise. Without a great sales person founders may find it hard to hire people, close customers or raise money. 

Jobs was also great at product, which leads to Archetype 2….

Archetype 2: Ability to Build (a great product). Apple example: Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. 

Wozniak could build anything. He was known for his impossible designs that dramatically increased utilization of the hardware and enabled the early Macs to do things similar hardware could not.

Coupled with Jobs, who later emerged as a product visionary, they drove great product and technical excellence. In other words, the ability to build.

Archetype 3: Ability to Scale (and run a tight ship). Apple example: Tim Cook.

Later in the life of the company someone is need to scale the organization, tighten controls, add process, and scale a company from tens or hundreds to many thousands. While some founders (Read more…)