Getting ready for VMworld with AI deep dive with 14-year employee

This post is by Robert Scoble from Scobleizer

Business of the future will need to be more predictive.

That’s what VMware’s Justin Murray, a long-time VMware employee told me here as he explained the latest in AI and Machine Learning that he’s seeing evolve.

The folks who run VMware’s huge conference, VMworld (happens September 29-October 1), got interested in me after reading my latest book, “The Infinite Retina,” which is how augmented reality and artificial intelligence, along with a few other technologies that I call Spatial Computing, will radically change seven industries over the next decade.

You see this predictive nature of AI in things like robots, autonomous cars, and, even, other things like Spotify, which uses AI to build playlists. That predicts what kind of music we would like to listen to. Autonomous cars predict the next action of both people and other cars on the streets. The AI inside is always trying to answer questions like: “will a child walking on the side of the road try to cross the street in front of us?” Properly predicting what is about to happen on the road is important and, I ask Murray, if that same predictive technology is what he’s thinking will be used elsewhere in businesses?

Murray says “yes,” but then goes a lot further, and predicts what some of the hot discussions will be at VMworld next week.

For instance:

1. Every major cloud provider, like Amazon’s Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, or Google’s Cloud Services, is buying tons of NVidia’s powerful GPUs for their datacenters (Read more…)