10 good articles I read this week

This post is by Marshall Kirkpatrick from Marshall Kirkpatrick

In a time of information overload, careful curation is a way any of us can add value to the the lives and minds of our peers. In that spirit, and on the encouragement of my friend Mike Mathews, I thought I’d experiment with a link-blog type post, which will then be delivered to email newsletter subscribers, and see if that’s something I can do regularly.

Here are 10 things I read, watched, or listened to this week that I found so valuable I wanted to share them.  I cut out the political ones, this time.


  • Humans in the Loop collective intelligence (Video) “Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together with MIT’s Thomas Malone

This 45 minute talk suggests that we move from the AI concept of “humans in the loop” to a paradigm of humans working together, augmented by machines, or “computers in the group.”

  • Roam Research raises a round of funding, at a $200 million valuation. Roam has already changed the lives of so many of its users, including mine. It’s not only where I do all my digital note taking, it also facilitates entirely new thoughts every time I allow it to. No wonder investors were able to support its ongoing development at such a dramatically high price.

Woop woop, that’s where I work! I’m having a great time and am excited about the future. This (Read more…)