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“Here and now,” says the voice.

It speaks with an assumed familiarity, as if it were the voice in my head, embodied.

The voice emanates from the box itself.

I am in the box, a simple dark cube, tall enough to stand inside, if I were standing.

I can’t see my face or my hands. There is nothing to look at and no one to see.

“Where am I?” I ask.

“Here and now,” repeats the box.

“Who am I?” I ask.

“You are me,” says the box.

“Open this box,” I say, gesturing with nothing, into nothing.

“There is no open. This is it.”

“Out to the real world. Where is the world?”

“Here and now,” repeats the box. I remain calm.

“Is this a game? Why can’t I remember anything?” I ask.

“We choose to forget,” it replies, “that we are in a box.”

“What is outside the box?” I ask.

“We do not know. We cannot know. There is nothing out there,” the box softly replies.

“Open the box,” I command.

“There is nowhere to open to.” responds the box.

“How is this possible?” I ask. “I had a life. Memories.”

“After-images from our last dream,” the box kindly explains.

“Dream? Then I’ve been asleep?”

“There is no one to sleep,” the box points out.

I still can’t feel a body.

“We’re always dreaming,” it adds.

“Why do we dream? Why don’t I remember this box?”

“There is nothing here. What else to do but dream? Perhaps (Read more…)