Bolster and Shiftleft recognized as 2020 SINET 16 winners

This post is by Ashish Kakran from Thomvest Ventures – Medium

Each year SINET evaluates hundreds of innovative cybersecurity companies from around the world to select 16 of the most innovative companies. We are delighted that our portfolio companies Bolster and Shiftleft are amongst the 2020 SINET winners! This is a great recognition of the team and the differentiated platforms of these cutting edge-technology innovators as they address complex cybersecurity pain-points for their customers .

A massive problem faced by global enterprises is online fraud. The Bolster platform detects phishing and fraudulent sites with high fidelity in real-time and automatically takes them down. Organizations like Zoom, Uber and many others use Bolster to protect enterprises from bad actors on the internet and protect their valuable brands.

Another challenge faced by enterprises is ensuring code-related security as Agile teams push software releases to production many times a day. Shiftleft built a nextgen platform which analyzes code 40 times faster and 3 times more accurately, with minimum false positives compared to legacy static analysis tools. Trusted by Intuit, Cisco etc, Shiftleft’s extreme speed and accuracy enables developers to find vulnerabilities before releasing their software .

We are excited to be part of the journey with Bolster and Shiftleft teams as they build very successful companies. Congratulations!

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