Utmost | Mobilizing the Talent Continuum

This post is by Greylock Partners from Greymatter

The nature of work today is increasingly dynamic, distributed, flexible, and digital-first. Relying on the extended workforce is more than a short-term, stop-gap solution: businesses are finding this population to be an efficient, viable source of talent instrumental to their core operations. That's why Utmost developed the first ever extended workforce system (EWS) to help enterprises source, engage, pay, and optimize their entire non-employee workforce, including freelancers, consultants and more. The company, which was founded in 2018 by former Workday and Groupon executives, has been a distributed organization from the start and has a unique vantage into the fast-changing nature of work. Utmost COO and co-founder Dan Beck sat down with Greylock partner Saam Motamedi to discuss. This episode is part of Greymatter's #WorkFromAnywhere series.