The Flashpoint

Movements need a flashpoint. It’s usually an organic thing especially in this day and age. The internet can rat out fakes before the movement has momentum.

Sometimes when the flashpoint occurs it’s not readily apparent.  Only in the rear view mirror do you see it.

An example you might readily grasp is the Tea Party movement in 2009.  Obama’s policy sparked a reaction from CNBC’s Rick Santelli.  That started a movement which was quashed by establishment Republicans with the blessing of Democrats.  It sort of illustrates our divide today although establishment Republicans are slowly losing their grip and power.  As they do the Democrats fall further and further to the hard left.

Scary times indeed.

I was chatting with my daughter who’s in law school about potential movements that could lead to civil disruption  I posited that what is going on right now in Virginia could be the making of flashpoint   She disagrees

She thinks any flashpoint won’t be about the 2nd Amendment but could be about the 4th.  If you don’t know the 4th it’s about unreasonable searches and seizures.

I could envision a day where if the climate fanatics were to get power they might order unreasonable searches and seizures against political or ideological opponents.  For example suppose there was an edict that A/C had to be kept at 75 degrees no lower.  You had an off the grid thermostat.  They issue an order and could enter your home and do all kinds of things.

In the past several years fanatics have exhibited a “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” mentality.  We consistently witness a newer style of Jim Crow discrimination based on ideology rather than skin color.

I was at a dinner party recently with radio host Charles Love and we chatted about that very thing.

I am reading a lot of predictions and I think the logic behind them comes from bad initial formation of the issue or problem.  It will get worse before it gets better.  I don’t know where the flashpoint for change one way or another will come or what it will look like.  It will be long lasting though.