PopSockets and NuCurrent

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I received an email from the CEO of NuCurrent, Jacob Babcock the other day.   Now that I am back in Chicago, I have good internet and can actually work on the web and do something with email other than just look at them and respond in small ways. I was a seed investor in NuCurrent.

NuCurrent offers up wireless power solutions in innovative ways. It has become the industry standard for wireless power.  They work with Fortune 5000 and are the most cutting edge company out there doing what they do.  You might have heard of other companies in the past, but they were pretenders.  NuCurrent executes.  We found out about the potential of this technology in the diligence we did.  We did diligence on other companies as well.

Yesterday, they unveiled their newest technology with partner PopSockets at the Consumer Electronics Show.  It’s a PopPower and it is the best one in the world.   Nothing charges your phone faster.  It’s a great solution for 100 million PopSocket users.  You can read about the new product here. Yes, it will also charge things like AirPods in the case.

You can buy one here for $60.

I have a new Apple iPhone.  Often when I try to charge it on a bedside lamp that has wireless power, I never get good contact.  I go to sleep and the phone isn’t charged.  That’s frustrating.  The new PopPower guarantees great alignment.  It will charge through plastic cases.  It is the fastest on the market.

I also recently read an article where a toddler was killed when it put a stray charging cord into its mouth.  Wireless charging on a pad solves that problem.

I bought one yesterday and can’t wait to get it.