In A Stridently Opinionated World Is it Okay Not To Have One?

We live in a hyper partisan and very opinionated world.  90% of the “news” we see isn’t news at all. It’s spin.  Hence why so much of it has zero credibility.

It seems no space is safe from very strong opinions which lead to very strong rubrics and confirmation bias leading instead of critical thinking and decision making.  Even the smartest of us get caught.

I’ll give you a couple examples.

Bloomberg said he’d turn the White House into open office and sit with his staff.  It worked for him while building the Bloomberg empire.

I was intrigued because I had made a couple investments in the space   It doesn’t mean I endorse it for the White House but it could be an interesting academic excel use that might open up some other ideas-maybe even unrelated to open offices

There was blowback about how open office concepts contribute to productivity. I saw one opinion where it was just orange man bad running the White House. I saw another that said Bloomberg’s idea immediately disqualifies him.

I didn’t have an opinion  I just wanted to learn

Yesterday I am sure you saw the news that the US used a drone to take out a terrorist.  A major one responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and supposedly he was planning a larger strike   This came on the heels of the US thwarting an attack on its embassy

The left is apoplectic   But then no matter what the other side does they are apoplectic  The right justifies

I don’t have an opinion   I am not an expert on Middle East politics   I know there are a lot of bad guys that hate people like me just for being a US citizen .

I do know the US has always had a policy of NOT assassinating world leaders despite how despicable they are-unless we are in a hot war with them

But I just don’t have enough information to form a real opinion   It might not be worth my time to try

unfortunately if I wanted to there is a dearth if objective information to even help me

That’s the sad part of where we are today   I just know I saw Bernie raised the most out of any Democratic candidate last quarter.  I also know my labor and output is my own and not the State’s