Fill The Void

As I was surfing through various things to read this morning, I came across my friend William Mougayar‘s blog post “Owning Your Own Narrative”.  William has been a thought leader when it comes to crypto and blockchain.  Combine that with my friend Ted Wright’s blog post about how to start a word of mouth marketing campaign and you could create something powerful.  Ted is CEO of Fizz Inc, a marketing agency out of Atlanta.

William talks about how when a crisis happens, you have to fill the void with information.  It’s worth reading his whole post to understand what he is talking about and how to critically think about taking steps to achieve outcomes you desire when a crisis happens.

Back when I was trying to learn all I could about social media, I spoke with Allan Schoenberg about crisis alleviation at corporations.  said you have to fill the void because if you don’t your competitors will.  However, if you haven’t set the table to give yourself credibility to fill the void, the effort won’t likely be successful.  That’s why every big business needs to have a good social media game that is strategic and planned to fit with the ethos and culture of the company.

In word of mouth marketing, the channels already exist so people can tell their stories.  What you have to do is identify who you want to tell their story, then give them the things they need in order to tell it.  They will fill the void for you.  If you identify the right people, they will keep filling the void for you without you asking.  All you have to do is keep interacting and feeding them truthful and meaningful information.  The story they tell will be personal, and it won’t feel like a company is standing on a soapbox with a megaphone trying to get someone’s attention.

Social media can seem like a huge time and resource suck.  Depending on how you utilize it, and how it is integrated into your business it certainly can be.  At the same time, it can be a powerful tool that can drive top line revenue for your company.   It’s important to remember that it is not “free”.  There are opportunity costs and resource costs that go into developing and maintaining the channel once it is opened.

 I hope you can support this effort I am leading.  I am raising money to dedicate a hotel suite to the Unknown Soldier at the new National World War Two Museum hotel.  Any proceeds over and above dedicating that space will go to Museum STEM projects dedicated to helping grade school children across the United States learn STEM.