Experiments Sometimes Don’t Work

We ran an experiment this vacation. We rented a Palapa in Mexico called Palapa Ganesh near Salyulita. It was a family vacation and a chance to unplug and reconnect.

I see people engage in things all the time and they become fanatical about them. They refuse to look at or accept data that might alter their view or change their mind. Paul Jrugman is a good example.

Instead it became a drama and a fight to live like a civilized person.

What a dump this place was. I will review it in depth on some other sites but this place was a fake it to you make it place. Online reviews are most likely fake.

When we told people in Salyulita where we were renting they rolled their eyes and shook their heads in empathy.

Yesterday I woke up in the morning and pulled the plug. I have an old buddy that has a place near there that is civilized. He has amenities like a hot shower.

Because we were in Mexico and not at a resort we had to deal with real problems people face in a daily basis. Like just trying to get a taxi to town since it was impossible or impractical to walk despite what the fake reviews said.

My wife and daughter were going to tough it out. Then they thought better of it and they are glad they did. Our other daughter and fiancé were flying home.

I felt pretty terrible about the whole thing and wanted to pull the plug a few days earlier. However, as a venture capitalist I have learned sometimes you have to let mistakes happen if they aren’t going to be fatal. Tolerance. At some point though as the coach you step in and call time out to try and reset. Even then it might not reset. But you are along for the ride.

Today we are at the beach.

Vacations should relax you. Unfortunately due to circumstances we didn’t relax on this one. We got one night of respite at a Salyulita hotel named Puerto Salyulita. It’s brand new and the owner is very service orientated unlike the owner of Palapa Ganesh who when problems started didn’t answer texts, calls, emails and wound up blocking all communication.

All I can say is if you came to this blog researching where to stay near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and are thinking of Palapa Ganesh forget about it. Run. I also would not recommend staying in Salyulita. It’s a good day trip.

We will fly home to Chicago tomorrow