A decade later

It’s hard to resist writing down some personal thoughts as this decade comes to a close. Lot of changes as is to be expected. In no particular order.

1/ Parenthood. Kids grew up big time. Ten years ago, our children were quite young. As we enter the next decade, we have one daughter in college, another daughter finishing high school and our son will be heading to high school next year. It’s hard not to feel my age but I have so much pride seeing these kids become young adults.

2/ Photography. Ten years ago, I mostly shot with a DSLR. As the decade progressed I switched to an iPhone for the vast majority of my photos. Convenience was everything. But then something changed for me. Over the last 5 years I learned to make photographs with film and appreciate the analog process. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons slowing

with film and making each photograph count. I hope I’m still mostly making photographs with film a decade from now.

3/ Work. My work at in the venture capital business has gone through several cycles now. I’ve seen good times, challenging times and the grind of the business. I have settled on a new rhythm this past year and it feels good. I hope it continues for the next decade as well.

4/ Music. My love for music is perhaps the one thing that hasn’t changed much although I spend more times in small venues than large ones compared to ten years ago. And having access to endless songs in my pocket is a miracle.

5/ Travel. I have seen more of the globe over the last decade than all my other time on this planet combined. I am very grateful for the opportunity to do so much exploring with my family in particular.

6/ Politics and activism. I am not proud to admit this, but I became a bit lazy at the start of this decade from an activism standpoint. The Bush years were over and we celebrated the arrival of the Obama years with tremendous hope and excitement about our collective future. But this hope as a proxy for real change was naive as we discovered in 2016. Despite the popular vote outcome, we have a country being run by the minority that is hellbent on sending us backwards on civil rights, environmental protection, equality, education and healthcare. I am energized to do more in the next decade from an activism standpoint.

7/ Meditation. I rediscovered meditation this decade and have made the practice an important part of my life. I am looking forward to growing with this practice.

That’s all I have time to share at the moment. Here’s to a new decade everyone.