Happy 4th of July: Climate Change

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Happy 4th of July. It’s great to celebrate independence, but even better to remember that we are all interdependent. That’s why last year I wrote a post about climate change. And this year is no different. If anything I feel like writing the post in all caps. 

While I gave a talk early this years titled “Reasons for Optimism,” the reality is that we should be panicking as the amazing Greta Thunberg puts it so aptly

Our world is on fire. And we are not acting accordingly. Instead we are like these guys, going on with our every day lives worrying about whether we should use the #4 or #5 iron on the next shot.


I have reached more personal clarity on this topic than ever before. I too am effectively one of these guys. I write about climate change here on Continuations, but then go back worrying about things that are trivial by comparison. I have contributed far too little time and far too few resources towards finding solutions. Expect more updates on this soon.