The Blues

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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This time of year, Chicago doesn’t have a dog in any championship fight.  Hopefully, we will in October.  The Bears might be there next February.

I know I am not supposed to root for any team out of St. Louis.  However, I am empathetic to teams that haven’t won world championships.  I am a Cubs fan after all.  I won’t buy any apparel, but I sure hope the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup.  It’s an even series right now. They won their first Stanley Cup game on home ice.

I was driving through Chicago the other night and a bunch of St. Louis people were crammed into a bar with their “sweaters” on watching the game.  Chicago is like that. We have bars for every team, especially Midwestern teams since so many people from all over the Midwest move here.  is a Cleveland Browns bar right around the corner from me.  On Saturday’s you see college flags from all over the country as alums gather to watch their teams.  I dig that.  It adds to the color of the city.

Similarly, watching the Golden St. Warriors is fun.  They play a nice brand of basketball.  Everyone marvels at their offensive punch but they really play hard defense and check out on the glass.  But, you have to root for that team up North in this series.  Toronto was a graveyard in the NBA and as an expansion franchise kind of an afterthought.  They couldn’t even keep the same logo for a period of time.

Chicago pizza and blues are still better than St. Louis.  I thank them for giving us Harry Caray.  But, I am rooting for the Blues to win the Stanley Cup.