Blitzscaling From Startup to Scaleup with Reid Hoffman & Josh McFarland | Greymatter

Greylock’s Reid Hoffman and Josh McFarland on the basic principles for successful blitzscaling.

Blitzscaling is a set of practices for igniting rapid growth to accelerate to the stage in a startup’s life cycle where the most value is created. Bitzscaling prioritizes speed over efficiency in an environment of uncertainty, and it allows a company to go from “startup” to “scaleup” at a furious pace to capture the market.

In this episode of Greymatter, Greylock partner Josh McFarland moderates a discussion with Reid Hoffman at Recode’s 2019 Code Conference. McFarland and Hoffman outline the rationale for the Blitzscaling set of practices and the counterintuitive rules necessary to scale up super fast.