Econ and Law and Regs

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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Yesterday I listened all day at the Stigler Center on regulation and breaking up Big Tech. A lot of ideas came out.

Cyncically I thought if Hillary had won we wouldn’t be here.

I’ll share a few things whether I agree with them or not Some tidbits:

1. The world is on fire and we have to take action today

2.  We need a digital regulator.

3.  We should get economics out of the law

4.  We should stop mergers because we can change our mind later

5.  Business is being constrained from going to market by the tech giants

6.  We need competition

7.  We can’t wait for innovation to happen

8.  We should be regulating opt in services

9 2000/3000 counties have no local newspaper

10 when you look at the data hate speech is not on the rise in America

I am developing some thoughts. Look forward being there today because they will talk about data privacy