Can The Current AI Boom Scale To AGI? Reid Hoffman & Open AI’s Greg Brockman | Greymatter

This post is by Greylock Partners from Greymatter

From the 2019 Startup Grind Conference, Greylock's Reid Hoffman and OpenAI Co-Founder and CTO Greg Brockman on the prospects of building beneficial AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). AI systems have achieved impressive capabilities that may one day reach human levels of intelligence. Autonomous systems with this intelligence and capability are referred to as artificial general intelligence (AGI). The future impact human-level AI will have on society is challenging to comprehend. Yet, it's broadly understood that prioritization of building beneficial and ethical autonomous systems today are vital for positive human impact. In this episode of Greymatter, OpenAI co-founder and CTO Greg Brockman and Greylock partner and OpenAI investor Reid Hoffman discuss the implications of today’s AI progress. Greg and Reid deep dive into the transformative potential of AGI on organizations of all kinds, the policy changes required of international governments, and ways to build and scale ethical AI and AGI systems. Founded in 2015, OpenAI is an AI research company discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence. Prior to co-founding OpenAI, Greg previously was CTO at Stripe, which he helped scale from 4 to 250 employees. An accomplished entrepreneur and executive, Reid has played an integral role in building many of today’s leading consumer technology businesses, including LinkedIn and PayPal. As a Greylock investor, he currently serves on the boards of Airbnb, Apollo Fusion, Aurora, Coda, Convoy, Entrepreneur First, Gixo, Microsoft, Nauto, Xapo and a few early stage companies still in stealth. Reid is the co-author of Blitzscaling and (Read more...)