Managing Creative Teams with Facebook’s James Everingham | Greymatter

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From the 2019 SFELC Summit, Facebook's Head of Engineering James Everingham on management philosophies that foster innovation. Creative people and teams can build valuable and unpredictable innovations. Effectively fostering these creative ideas in the workplace though, requires its own style of management. In this episode of Greymatter, we share a presentation from the2019 SFELC Summit featuring Facebook's Head of Engineering, James Everingham. James shares the characteristics of managers that foster innovation, leadership advice for new managers, and his theory on the surprisingly similar factors between quantum mechanics and today's management styles. James is Facebook's Head of Engineering dedicated to exploring blockchain technology. Prior, he led Facebook/Instagram's engineering team. Earlier in his career, James co-founded and led startups including Luminate and LiveOps. SFELC is a curated community of 2500+ engineering leaders evolving the way leadership is implemented in the tech industry. Greylock Partners is the VC partner for SFELC, and sponsored the annual SFELC Summit which hosted top industry leaders to share management best practices and leadership advice.