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Every single town has its own idiosyncrasies. Chicago has some. Everyone knows about deep dish pizza. We are famous for hot dogs (no ketchup please). We are also famous for other kinds of sausage like Maxwell St. Polish and Bari Italian Sausage. It’s why “Abe Froman The Sausage King” was so funny in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. You might have heard of Chicago’s italian beef and giardinara. Odds are you haven’t heard of Malort.

Malort is made from wormwood.  Absinthe was also made from wormwood.  It is now made in Chicago again.

It’s a Chicago liqueur with a special taste. I love the comments on this video. “Malort uses the same process as vodka, but instead of using potatoes they use recycled tires.” Let’s put it this way, it is an acquired taste. If you haven’t had it, many bars will carry a bottle. It’s Swedish. Carl Jeppson it over in the 1930’s. The Swedes settled in the northern part of Chicago (of course, Scandinavians never go south) in Andersonville. There weren’t as many Swedes as there were Germans, Irish or Poles, but there were enough to keep the Malort business alive and well.

These videos are funny.

Funny when people from other countries give it a try

Some people say it’s addicting.