For YC Companies Raising Seed Rounds

This post is by Elad Gil from Elad Blog

In the weeks before demo day, a number of YC founders will reach out to me for advice on fundraising or early customer acquisition. In general, the same set of questions come up from the founders. Below are a set of links and takeaways that I hope will be of help to founders.

1. Fundraising.

  • Overall:
  • Your pitch deck:
  • Choosing a mix of angels or investors.
  • What is a seed round versus a series A.
  • How to reply to angel intros.
  • VC economics and incentives. 
  • How to tell if an investor is not that interested?

  • Some takeaways (usually items discussed live with founders):

    • Every company is unique and edge cases may emerge for you. When in doubt talk to a trusted angel or advisor. If you are in YC, talk to your YC partner (they see a ton of parallel fundraises!) (Read more...)