More Yang for Your Buck!

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The field for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary has over a dozen declared candidates, including widely known names such as Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders. And on top that there are people like former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Vice President Joe Biden who could enter the race at any time and immediately be contenders. And yet all of these voices are extremely similar in one crucial way: they all believe that we should fix the Industrial Age society we live in today. Whether that is with a pro-business agenda (if Bloomberg runs) or with a socialist agenda (Sanders) or something in-between, it is fundamentally thinking that is rooted in the past.

But there is one candidate, Andrew Yang, who offers a truly forward looking alternative with Universal Basic

as one of his three core platform elements. Andrew knows we need to finally get past the Industrial Age

Andrew’s approach are the kind of new ideas that deserve to be a part of the discussion. And this is where you can have “More Yang for your Buck!” by sending Andrew to the debates. Either just donate to Andrew, or donate to your favorite candidate and then also give money to Andrew (as little as $1). To make it to the first debate, Andrew needs 65,000 donors. He is nearly halfway there.

So head over to Yang2020 now and be part of the insurgency of new ideas. Get more Yang for your buck!

PS Credit to our son Michael for the inspired slogan.