Want Help With an MBA? Do You Want To Marry Purpose and Profit?

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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Two of the top MBA programs in the world are in Chicago.  Chicago Booth, and Kellogg are consistently ranked in the top ten of all MBA programs.  I am a graduate of Booth, and I work with both Booth and Kellogg students and they are tremendous.

Other schools have MBA programs as well and attract top talent.  DePaul’s Kellstadt School has an MBA school.  When Raman Chadha of the Junto Institute was running the entrepreneurship program they were an early supporter of Hyde Park Angels.  Back then, not a lot of people reached out to help but Raman did.  My undergrad alma mater Illinois Gies College has an MBA program and so does Mendoza at Notre Dame.

Loyola of Final Four fame has one as well.  Loyola is a great school the far north side of Chicago next to the lake.  I love their rivalry with DePaul.  One of my played hoop there in the late 80s and they made the NCAA tourney losing to Georgetown.  Another fistful of friends went there for undergrad and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  A good friend went to law school there and now is a C level exec at a rising Chicago startup.  Loyola recently started a new program for MBA’s.

Baumhart Scholars is a highly selective MBA program at Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business for enterprising working professionals looking to marry profit and purpose in their career. Scholars receive:

– $20,000 in merit-based scholarship

– Specialized curriculum

– Individualized mentorship

– Extraordinary leadership opportunities

– A world-class Loyola MBA

They announced the program yesterday and are seeking the best and brightest young leaders in Chicago to apply for the opportunity.  You can learn more at www.LUC.edu/BaumhartScholars.

Passing it along to those that are interested.  The city of Chicago has an enormous number of college graduates from all over the place.  It might be the most college educated city in America, with the most diversity of degrees. This seems like a good opportunity for a person that wants it.