Sad About Bezos

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

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I have such an old fashioned view of marriage, or maybe I am a hopeless romantic to believe in “ever forever together.” (By the way, my old fashioned ideas — they are a result of being the son of a couple that has been together for almost 55 years, so I am kind of a believer, even though I am a bachelor.)

And perhaps that is why I am saddened by the news that Jeff Bezos and his wife of twenty five years, novelist Mackenzie Bezos will divorce. I don’t know both of them personally — though I have met and interacted with Jeff a few times in the past, before he became a superhero.

Soon to be no-longer Mrs. Bezos made a favorable impression when she wrote a spirited defense of Amazon, its history and her husband in her review of The Everything Store. She gave the a one star.

Anyway the news of divorce, shared on Twitter of course, was another example of sources go direct. Instead of getting the news filtered through click-driven media platforms, the Bezos controlled the narrative by going direct. It is fairly certain that some muckraking is going to begin and gossip is going to be surfaced, but for now Jeff has shown how to do the news right — and he is a guy with a massive PR department and a must read newspaper!

January 9, 2019, San Francisco