Links & Recommendations

Link-sharing was and remains one of the primary aspects of blogging, though we have given up on link-sharing on our homesteads in favor of Facebook and Twitter. As I start to spend more time on my blog, I am looking to share links more often and have created a link blog — — where I will share what I find readable during the day, more often. All links for the day will be grouped together.

Most of these links will accompany a short comment that gives you context on why I shared the link. For those of you who have been along the journey, you might remember the early days of that other blog, I was quite an active link-sharer, and it was an essential part of the overall editorial and showcased my thinking.

Unlike others who say RT is not an endorsement, I do believe that sharing speaking. Amplifying one’s point-of-view is an editorial task as well, as I outlined earlier.

I have been inspired by Jason Kottke’s Quick Links and Jeremy Keith’s link blog for this new effort, but as always Dave Winer is my blogging Northstar.  If you subscribe to my RSS feed, then you don’t have to do anything, then this is non-news for you. However, if you want to get the links-only feed, subscribe to the Links Blog Only Feed. These will also flow on my Twitter feed, and at the end of the week, I will aggregate the best of the shared links as part of my email newsletter.

Also, I have a photo blog, where I share my photos more often than my Instagram account. I hope you do get a chance to visit the Photo Blog, for I am proud of my photography and want to get your feedback.

January 6, 2019, San Francisco