From EKG to Apple on a rainy Friday

One of the hard realities of having a major medical event in your life is that you are never out of its shadow. Almost a dozen years since doctors took care of my heart problems, I have to go in every January and get myself checked out. Today was that day — and what that meant was meeting my favorite doctor (my amazing cardiologist) and then going in for a battery of tests.

As usual, I got an electrocardiograph done — cables that attached to my body and then into a big machine that spits out a printout. That test reminded me of the amazingness of the Apple Watch and its ability to measure the performance of my heart, no cables required. I don’t think if it as conclusive evidence, but I do think it is a technological marvel. Apple team has pulled off something special there!

The possibility of personal devices and their ability to measure biological data is a powerful idea — and when combined with gains in machine learnings and algorithmic intelligence, it will have a substantial impact on the lives of those with health challenges.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, the good doctor says that I have most of my medical challenges well under control. However, being firmly on the other side of fifty, I need to get some more tests done, just to be sure. So off to another campus — and by the way, this is my excuse for not writing today!

January 11, 2019. San Francisco

Image of the view from UCSF Parnassus Campus made by yours truly with a loaner Leica CL and a 28mm equivalent lens. JPG right out of the camera as a B&W.