172. Growth Investing in Biotech, Genomics and Pharma (Jim Tananbaum)

Jim Tananbaum of Foresite Capital joins Nick to discuss Growth Investing in Biotech, Genomics and Pharma. In this episode, we cover:

-His 25 years in the industry working as both an entrepreneur and investor.. often at the same time -Jim's investment focus at Foresight -The major changes in biotech over the past two decades -The key elements he looks for in a business -The main drivers causing more opportunity in the sector -The key challenges to investing in biotech, pharma and genomics -The role of data science in their process -How the experience of building and IPO'ing companies has helped Jim as an investor -How they target specific areas to invest in -Jim's take on predatory pharmaceutical pricing -And finally how some of these solutions might become more affordable for more people that need them