Vision and Grit: How Peopledoc defined a multi-billion HR Software category

This post is by Philippe Botteri from Cracking The Code

On July 17, Ultimate Software, a $10B HR software gorilla, announced the acquisition of Peopledoc for $300m - the largest software exit in France since the acquisition of Neolane by Adobe in 2013. Hats off to Jon Benhamou and Clement Buyse, the two founders, and to the wider Peopledoc team for this achievement!

Sometimes companies get to the point of acquisition in a straight line; most of the time, however, they don’t. It’s only the perseverance, grit and vision of the founders that makes it possible. Peopledoc is a great example, and the success of the company is deeply entrenched in the driving force of the founding team, who reinvented the business a couple of times to get to where they are today. This took foresight, courage, creativity and a lot of hard work. Let’s jump back to 2007 to see where it all began…
Celebrating Year 2
In a dark dorm room on the HEC (the French HBS) campus, Jon and Clement were scratching their heads in search of the business idea to present for their entrepreneurship major. They were lucky to have Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, founder of PriceMinister, and Jean-David Chamboredon, founder of ISAI, as their mentors. The four of them hatched their first idea: creating an online document management system for utility e-bills, which were starting to take off in France. When John and Clement graduated a few months later, and with the angel funding of Pierre and other friends, they started their first company, Novapost. Unfortunately, (Read more...)