Playing To Win with Blend’s CEO Nima Ghamsari and Greylock’s Jerry Chen | Greymatter

This post is by Greylock Partners from Greymatter

Poker is a game of variants and probability. You can be dealt the best cards and play every hand perfectly until the river, the final card dealt in a poker hand, is played and shifts the game completely to the opponent. Similarly, startups constantly manage and learn from unpredictable experiences. Scaling a startup requires quickly learning from the wins and losses, focusing on the long term goals, and having a framework in place to help you make educated risks.    This episode of Greymatter isn’t your typical discussion around building enterprise startups. Greylock Partner Jerry Chen and Blend’s CEO and co-founder Nima Ghamsari discuss the similarities between making educated risks in startups and playing poker. The two also share “The 5 Whys”, a framework to learn from your mistakes and successes, and what it takes for your company to move fast.